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ERR_INVALID_REDIRECT, no change in configuration since 5 days.


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I have prestashop connected to my domain (for example www.mysite.com). I did not make any change for the last couple of days in my website configuration. Today I cannot connect to any page. Google Chrome shows ERR_INVALID_REDIRECT/Firefox- 302 error code. When connecting to admin dashboard i see

"You are connected to domain www.mysite.com. This is a different value than the main domain of the store set in "SEO & URL". If you make your domain, please change it now."

When I click "Change it now" it redirects me to URL & SEO settings but there is nothing under "SET SHOP URL", just blank space. However when I looked into database I see correct values under PS_SHOP_DOMAIN, PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL from PS_CONFIGURATION and everything in PS_SHOP_URL is also right. (checked with old backup and it didn't change) Any idea what happend and where to look for an error? Any chance my hosting provider caused that?

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