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How to get all id_product_attribute in product.tpl?


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Hi! I need to have the id_product_attribute (aka Product Combination ID) for each combination in my Product page. So far I have been able to get the id_product_attribute for the selected current combination. But what I really need is to have all the ids.


This is what I have in my product.tpl

            <div id="mobileProductViewer" class="col-md-6">
                <input type="hidden" id="combinationId" value="{$product.id_product_attribute}">

 That generates a hidden input with just one combination id. I would need all the ids for the combinations. 

And is it possible to get also what that ID represents? I mean something like this:

167 - Red - XL


I hope I coud explain myself.


Thanks in advance!!!


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Thanks so much for you answer! I tried your code, it works, but it's not exactly what I need. What I need is each combination number. You can see it on the url on the image that I attached. 

Every combination has this id, for example:

RED-S : 286

RED-M: 134

WHITE-L: 122


So what I need is to have all the combinations ids on my product page.




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