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Show tax and total order price without decimals


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I needed to show my product prices without tax and with 2 decimals, it is already configured working ok. But now I need to show the final price and the tax value rounded, without decimals. I already did some changes defining variables on a template but I would rather redefine $totals.total_including_tax.value and $subtotals.tax.value so I could round them so it would be applied to all places where they are used. In fact, the need of doing that comes from the problem I am having for finding the $HOOK_PAYMENT_RETURN content and modifying it, as this hold the info for making the payment to the bank account and even though I can change the template of the order-confirmation-table.tpl to show the info as I need I can't change them on this $HOOK_PAYMENT_RETURN, so the final price shows decimals.

Any suggestions and help will be very appreciated, thanks before hand.


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