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Adding 2 columns to the employee table and showing data in the back office


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So this will be quite long so please let me explain what I am trying to do:

My objective is to add 2 columns to the employee table, "Budget_left" and "Date_Budget_Added".  And then ultimately show these 2 in the EDIT PROFILE PAGE in the back office, with the budget showing the budget of that profile.

I have already successfully modified the database which is done during the installation of my module.

I have also overridden the Employee.php to add "Budget_Left" and "Date_Budget_Added" to the Employee class. 

What I now have to do, and where I am quite lost, is to have the correct output on the edit profile page whos templating is done with Symfomy, a framework I am just discovering. 

The output file seems to be: src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/views/Admin/Configure/AdvancedParameters/Employee/Blocks/form.html.twig.  And I have also successfully overriden this in my module (basically I've copied the whole code) and modifications work on it.

However, my problem now is trying to access the data I need. My "Budget_left" and "Date_Budget_Added" in my database. 

I have var dumped the employeeForm variable however this object doesn't seem to have all the data that is in the employee table in the database.

My question is have I done the correct steps to add the columns to the database? And if so, how can I access these datas from the .twig files?

Thank you all soooo much in advance! I hope I was adequately clear about what I am trying to do!

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