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Adding an admin menu item (tab) in Prestashop

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Just to share the knowledge

I was migrating my module that was made for 1.6 to 1.7 and ran into the issue that the menu item wasn't added.

I checked my code against what I read in this post but that didn't help.
Also I read what was written in the official, not up to date, developer documentation on Confluence.

Long story short: At least in you MUST choose a parent page.
Without it, your menu will simply not be shown.

Here's the code that will work:

$tab_id = Tab::getIdFromClassName('AdminYourModulesClassName');
$languages = Language::getLanguages(false);

if ($tab_id == false)
    $tab = new Tab();
    $tab->class_name = 'AdminYourModulesClassName';
    $tab->position = 99;
    $tab->id_parent = (int)Tab::getIdFromClassName('DEFAULT'); // This value isn't listed in the developer documenation but I found it in the database. Alternatively it may be wise to use another value as DEFAULT may not exist in earlier 1.7 versions (I have not checked this!)
    $tab->module = 'The name of your module';
    foreach ($languages as $language) {
        $tab->name[$language['id_lang']] = "Lovely Module";

The above cost me almost 1,5 hour to solve, but I hope it helps you.


Good luck!


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