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Addons update fails in PS

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I have an installation of Prestashop which always had a few flaws in the addons update management. I cannot understand if I have a bug specific on my installation or if the issue is more widespread:

When enterning in Module Manager, I see update notifications on top. 

1 first strange thing: if I connect to prestashop addons marketplace from that screen, notifications will disappear.

2 second, more serious:  If I do not authenticate there on prestashop marketplace and try the update of the outdated modules from module manager, I get a green success notification. By inspecting the file system (modules/specificmodulefolder) I see that the module has been updated BUT in the database probably the information is not there: If I return to the module manager I will always get the module update notification. I can retry but there's no chance to seeing the update

3. I thought of completely disinstalling then reinstalling the module that did not complete the update cycle. Well, after disinstalling any module (I clearly will not remove the module folder) it is impossible to get the module installed again. The search will never pop it up again.This looks weird.


Is the above due to bugs? Does anybody had the same problem?
My shop comes from a fresh install and this bug existed since the beginning, even though after retrying updates more and more, I was eventually able to update a few modules.



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Just an update: 
I performed an upgrade from PS to PS and the module upgrade now works correctly.

Too bad that the PS upgrade did not update the PS version number displayed in every backoffice page, but this is another story...

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