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back office version issue


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Hi all,


Since last Friday we suddenly have anstrange issue with the back office.

We checked all settings but nothing to be found.

Also upgrade from to but also did not solve the issue.


Now the issue it self is that we cannot change or add products but also it is show in some of the setting menu of Shop parameters and advanced parameters.

What happens:

When you go to Product and click on any  existing product you think all is ok. but when you scroll down all product tabs are since last Friday in one long row below each other and next to the save button a circle keeps twisting as if the product page is still loading. also below the normal information of a product of the first tab the information of is shown wider then the screen.

Then when you go to the different tabs in the product it all show the quantity tab and all other information of the tabs to the right in the same strange way.

When you e.g. click on the pricing tab you also get the see the quantity tab and all other tabs.


Does anyone know a fix for this so we can add and update products?


Kind regards,




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I just found out that the provider upgraded the PHP version to 7.4.

Probably that is the issue, because we had a few years ago also strange issues and after a rollback of php it was solved.

Hopefully Prestashop is coming with a fix in the coming few days so all works normal again.


Below a screenshot when you scroll down in a product and on all other tabs on the product.



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I found the following answer in a topic on a forum:

For full text look at: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/16477

But in short below:

The main issue we have right now is that PHP is evolving too fast and with too much breaking changes between minor versions. The changes being introduced between php7.2, php7.3 and php7.4 require a huge amount of time and energy to be handled correctly on PrestaShop side, and our current team size only allows us to provide this amount of time and energy once per version of PHP and version of PrestaShop.

So we have

PS 1.7.6 compatible with php7.2

PS 1.7.7 compatible with php7.3

PS 1.7.8 compatible with php7.4

And it might become worse with php8.


Release out now is Prestashop, so the provider should create a temporary fix to PHP 7.2 to fix a lot of problems.


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In the root of the installation of Prstashop you have the file error_log

Last 2 weeks it increased to 1.27 Gb because of the PHP change.

At the Provider we got the message that the SSD was full and had to free up space

Just delete the file if it gets to big.

A new one will be create automatically


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