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Hello i made a blank page following Nemo tutorial http://nemops.com/creating-new-pages-in-prestashop/#.X2yptpP0kWp.
So my problem is:
i wanna make a function with sql query to return something, i will put it on module php root file (i think).
in tpl file how do i call the function?
or i have to pass it for other file?
any help please?

public function getContaCorrente()
	    $sql = 'SELECT * FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'contacorrente WHERE email = [email protected]';
        if ($results = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($sql))
            foreach ($results as $row)
            echo $row['email'].' :: '.$row['date'].'<br />';

How do i call this in template file?

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