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I was wonder why according to Prestashop's core 'catalog_mode' is practically the same a 'show_prices'.
At the moment it has the same behaviour showPrices for a customer group means that customer group is in catalog mode.

     * @return bool
    public static function isCatalogMode()
        if (is_a(Context::getContext()->controller, 'FrontController')) {
            $isCatalogMode =
                Configuration::get('PS_CATALOG_MODE') ||
                !Configuration::showPrices() ||
                (Context::getContext()->controller->getRestrictedCountry() == Country::GEOLOC_CATALOG_MODE);
        } else {
            $isCatalogMode =
                Configuration::get('PS_CATALOG_MODE') ||

        return $isCatalogMode;

Right now if you disable show prices (for any customer group) it has the same effect as catalog_mode for that customer group.
This makes no sense, if you wanna filter frontend.

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