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Hi everyone,

I searching for a module for commissions 

the module must allow me to pay a sales commission (fixed amount for each sale) of a specific product that is different for each "customer" account.
I'll explain:
I will make graphic contests on the products that will be printed, the participants will send their proposals and the best ones will be chosen to be printed and sold.
for each sale the illustrator will earn a fixed amount and obviously must be able to monitor the sale of his graphics. 
I thought the marketplace formula might be fine, but products don't have to be entered directly by illustrators.

commissions must be paid every 15 days and will only be recognized when the product is delivered.

Which module can I use? If there is no one who can do this for me?


thanks to everyone

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Your concept is closer to an affiliation idea rather than marketplace. 

As I understood the person won't upload his own design. You organize a contest and the designer who won the contest will win the option to have his design added to a t-shirt which is sold than to a large public. 

Taking that into account the designer doesn't need to have (will never have) access to the product part of the admin panel. Actually what you're doing is that instead of hiringing a designer to create for you the proper designs, you create a competition, as this will generate more designs and  it's way more profitable. You'll cover some of the cost of the design by offering the designer a certain possible percentage of sales coming from his design. 

Unfortunately there is no such module (or I never saw anything similar), but it's kind of easily doable, as  what you need is the following

1.  A module which will show the sale of certain products attached to a specific USer in PS. 

2.. you need to create a simple module, which gathers all sales from x product where

3. Each product needs to have a unique section where you can interconnect to a specific user ;) 

Once these tables are ready, creating a calculation based on sales (without shipping) based on a mathematical % is not that difficult.

4. Each user will be able to see through the module his own product sales/month/period and the % that he got. 

5. Once that's ready you need to create a section for payments, which will hold all the paid and not paid yet section. 

As stated this is very similar to an affiliate module - maybe you can find one which covers product sales, not based on  utm links. 

In case that is a driving factor in your business, hire a developer to do something similar. 



Ps: I can't help you further unfortunately, but I hope my description will help other to understand what you need (correct me pls if I'm wrong) 

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