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New to prestashop, want to know how updates work for modules


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(not entirely sure what happened, but my thread got deleted somehow)

I kind of jumped head first into my first PS theme design just to learn the code structure and all of that. I have to say, i am really VERY VERY happy with it!!

That being said, I wanted to understand a little more about the updates. I have no plans to change the core PS files, but I have changed the modules boxes and how they look int he template file as well as adding a small function to allow them to be stuck into different hook areas (ie: getting the “best sellers” into the center column)

Are the modules updates via a pushed update? Is everything I one click update like wordpress is??

I am basically combining my knowledge of oscommerce and wordpress to figure out prestashop and it’s working really very well. From what I am used to with wordpress, if you change anything about a plugin anyhere inside of the plugin folder, it will get overwritten when updated. Does this happen in PS? If it does, does it allow for secondary pages?

Also, is there a functions file that I can create in my template file like there is in WP that allows you to override functions or slightly change the way the work?

I am trying to keep this cart as update friendly as possible.

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