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Child Theme Breaks Site


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I'm a newbie to Prestashop.

I'm having a great deal of dificulty getting the child theme to work.

The only reason I'm looking to use the child theme at the moment is because the theme I purchased has a ridiculously small image allowance for the logo and you can barely see my logo writing.

I had some problems with the child theme from the get go.

First of all I couldn't Upload the child theme through the child theme section in the backend.  When uploading the zip it comes back file type not valid.  I've looked at every possible solution but they don't work.

I then uploaded the child theme directly via the Plesk panel and edited the theme.yml file to use_parent_assets : true

as set out here - https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/themes/reference/template-inheritance/parent-child-feature/

When activating the theme in the backend.  The frontend just comes back broken.  All the header elements are not where they should be and the theme product images are missing elements as well.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.  I'm basically folowing the instructions and nothing is working.  For reference - The theme is called - AngarTheme

Any help would be appreciated.



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