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Product pack quantity turns 0 when pack includes more than 1 product


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I have product pack, which has two products and quantity of 10. It is calculated from product quantities on product update.

  • In databases product and stock_available quantity (and physical_quantity, if it matters) is 10.
  • In Back Office product listing stock is shown as 10
  • In BO Stock management quantity is also 10

BUT when I look at BO product page, it shows that quantity is 0. It shows out of stock in FO also.

This happens only when there are more than 1 product type in pack. For example, I have product "chocolate bar" in pack, it shows normally. But when I have "chocolate bar" and "liquorice", it shows 0, whatever the actual quantity is.

Does anyone know how BO and FO product pages get their quantity information, or where I can find the piece of code that retrieves quantity?

My packs have stock management "Decrement both" by default, if it matters.

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even thought I just answered to Eleen's post a few minutes ago, I just realized that the described issue can also come from the having the advance stock management active, which will override the physical stock of the product. this will result, that you'll see 5 -10 as a physical stock level inside the BO, however based on the advance stock management the products can be out of stock. 

Of course take this only as a situation which could cause the same effect. 

I hope I helped, 

Kind Regards, 


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