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Updating Order Status from Webservice does not trigger hookActionOrderStatusUpdate


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Recently, I've tried to update Order Status bye order reference from webservice using a simple PHP script, I can change order without any problem but unfortunately the  hookActionOrderStatusUpdate  do not execute, Is there any solution to trigger the hook from webservice when I call the php function to change order status via webservice ?


                $update_ord = [ 
                    'resource'   => 'order_histories?schema=blank', 
                $xml_3 = $webService->get( $update_ord );
                $order_histories = $xml_3->children()->children();
                $order_histories->id_order = (int)$resource_id;
                $order_histories->id_employee = 1;
                $order_histories->id_order_state = 4;

                $update_ord = [
				    'resource' => 'order_histories',
				    'postXml' => $xml_3->asXML(),
				$res2 = $webService->add($update_ord);

I am able to fin a resource https://mypresta.eu/developer/execute-hooks-with-webservice.html but it's for Customers, and I am kinda stuck how to adjust it to my goal ...

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