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Good morning,
I don't know what happened, but it started to break by itself.
The customer reported a bug that when he tried to finalize the transaction and pay, his page crashed.
Walked in and noticed that I was starting to have problems as well.
When I was adding to the cart and then clicking "checkout", an error appeared (screen in the attachment).
After this error popped up, the home page also had this error (it wasn't there before).
When I go incognito, the main page works, but when I try to finalize the transaction again, it all comes back to the same.

Product pages work as normal (even if the home page is down), but category pages don't work.

Page: https://dermoconcept.pl

Please, help me


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It was fixed. At first I had to turn off "debug mode" and it worked, but then the error showed up on the footer, when I turned off googleanalytics module, it works normally, but ...

I have another problem. So Tpay payments do not work - when I finalize the transaction, a grid appears with the bank's choice etc. and when I click, it directs me to the blank page.

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