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Hello everybody.

I would like to change the logo link in prestashop

When I click on the logo (in customer mode), I arrive in the directory of the app => very dangerous to have access at all files for customers!

Where is the url of the logo to adapt it?

I found this in themes/classic/templates/_partials/header.tpl (line 64).

<a href="{$urls.base_url}">

Where is this var? I didn't find it in parameters.php

The app is on a local server, not connected to internet

Thanks a lot



I've this issue only when I'm in a category.

If I'm in a product fiche, the link is ok

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I found the solution : I added "index.php" just after {$urls.base_url} in file themes/classic/templates/_partials/header.tpl (line 64).

<a href="{$urls.base_url}index.php">

In advanced options -> performances, I choosed "recompile templates if the files have been updated" for templates compilation and that's ok.


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