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Translation problem ?

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Hey community! I am faced with a problem once again. The first time it was on wordpress. And when I decided to prestashop, the same thing happened to me. Namely, it is about translations. I have the Polish language pre-loaded and "let's say" the site is in Polish, however, there are some elements that do not translate, even though the files contain the phrase. I have no idea why this is happening. I attach screenshots. For stubborn, I could translate it referring to the class or a specific DIV, but the problem will probably arise when uploading another language. Maybe some plug will do the trick?

PS.these red circles places should be in polish too





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What theme are you using?
Is it possible that the theme has those strings hardcoded directly in the template file without using the translation system?

Have you cleared the cache?
Sometimes it might also work to remove the /var/cache/prod and /var/cache/dev folders

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