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Second price Prestashop


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I would like to add a second price to the product which will be called "Deposit". How to convert the prices.tpl file to get this effect? The second thing is that such an additional "deposit" amount is added to the final amount in the basket


I added to prices.tpl this:

	{include file="controllers/products/multishop/check_fields.tpl" product_tab="Prices"}
	<div class="form-group">
		<div class="col-lg-1"><span class="pull-right">{include file="controllers/products/multishop/checkbox.tpl" field="Deposit" type="price"}</span></div>
		<label class="control-label col-lg-2" for="deposit">
			<span class="label-tooltip" data-toggle="tooltip" title="{l s='Deposit price'}">{if !$country_display_tax_label || $tax_exclude_taxe_option}{l s='Deposit'}{else}{l s='Deposit'}{/if}</span>
		<div class="col-lg-2">
			<div class="input-group">
				<span class="input-group-addon">{$currency->prefix}{$currency->suffix}</span>
				<input maxlength="27" name="Deposit" id="Deposit" type="text" value="{{toolsConvertPrice price=$product->Deposit}|string_format:$priceDisplayPrecisionFormat}" onchange="this.value = this.value.replace(/,/g, '.');" />
			{if isset($pack) && $pack->isPack($product->id)}<p class="help-block">{l s='Deposit price' sprintf=[$currency->prefix,{toolsConvertPrice price=$pack->noPackDeposit($product->id)|string_format:$priceDisplayPrecisionFormat},$currency->suffix]}</p>{/if}


In product.tpl :

								<p class="our_price_display" itemprop="Deposit" itemscope itemtype="default">{strip}
									{if $product->quantity > 0}<link itemprop="availability" href="https://schema.org/InStock"/>{/if}
									{if $priceDisplay >= 0 && $priceDisplay <= 2}
									{if $tax_enabled  && ((isset($display_tax_label) && $display_tax_label == 1) || !isset($display_tax_label))}
											{if $priceDisplay == 1} {l s='Deposit '}{else} {l s='Deposit '}{/if}
										<span id="our_price_display" class="Deposit" itemprop="Deposit" content="{$productwDeposit}">{convertPrice price=$product->Deposit|floatval|floatval}</span>
										<meta itemprop="productDepositCurrency" content="{$currency->iso_code}" />
										{hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="Deposit"}
								<p id="reduction_percent" {if $productPriceWithoutReduction <= 0 || !$product->specificPrice || $product->specificPrice.reduction_type != 'percentage'} style="display:none;"{/if}>{strip}
									<span id="reduction_percent_display">
										{if $product->specificPrice && $product->specificPrice.reduction_type == 'percentage'}-{$product->specificPrice.reduction*100}%{/if}


I added "Deposit:" to blockcart

<div class="layer_cart_row">
					<strong class="dark">
						{l s='Deposit:' mod='blockcart'}
						{if $use_taxes && $display_tax_label && $show_tax}
							{if $priceDisplay == 1}
						<span class="ajax_block_cart_deposit"> 
						{if $cart_qties > 0}
							{if $priceDisplay == 1}
								{convertPrice price=$cart->getOrderTotal(false, Cart::ONLY_PRODUCTS)}					


everything works now, but when I click Add To Cart, the Deposit price is not refreshed and until I refresh the page myself, the deposit is not charged. Where can I set it to refresh the price itself and sum the Deposit and Product Price.
And I would also like to do so that each added product with a deposit will have another deposit price added to it

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