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Problema Modules translations


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Am urmatoarea problema :

Language : RO - Modules translations
Total expressions : 4005. Click the fieldset title to expand or close the fieldset..

Warning, your hosting provider is using the suhosin patch for PHP, which limit the maximum number of fields to post in a form :
2048 for suhosin.post.max_vars.
2048 for suhosin.request.max_vars.
Please ask your hosting provider to increase the suhosin post and request limit to 4105 at least. or edit the translation file manually.

Am luat legatura cu hostul si prin urmare :
Limiata pentru suhosin.post.max_vars a fost setata la 4205 pentru contul dvs de gazduire .

Prestashopul imi da aceeasi eroare !
request limit to 4105 at least

Help !

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