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Hello everyone ! 

I created a custom cms page and managed to display it in the top Main Menu (good ol' ps_mainmenu). 


But now I'd like it to be a drop down menu where every item send the user on the same CMS page but with get parameters 

i.e. :

  • Support (https://myWebSite.com/en/support)
    • Orders (https://myWebSite.com/support?step=order)
    • Your Products (https://myWebSite.com/support?step=products)
    • Tutorials (https://myWebSite.com/support?step=tutos)
    • FAQ (https://myWebSite.com/support?step=faq)

(Basicaly, i created a whole support tree structure in one page, that display forms and take actions based on get parameters)

Is there a way to create such a link list easily ? I looked into categories and how they are displayed on the menu and managed to create a button that looks like what i want but i cant link any url to the items since they have their own url (like products category)

I thought about url redirection (with the urls that are provided in the categories) but i wanted to be sure nothing else existed, maybe i just forgot something simple....

Thanks in advance guys (and girls) !

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