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Calculate VAT on price including VAT (EU Law)

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I was wondering if there is a method which calculates the VAT of the price including VAT. By EU Law, the prices in the whole EU must be the same for consumers, but we need to pay tax in the country of the customer. The VAT amounts are different per country.

For example:

I have a product which i want to sell for €40. This is the total price.

For the Netherlands (21% tax), the VAT amount must be:

€40 total price
€6,94 VAT
So the price excluding VAT is €33,06

But for Belgium (for example 19% VAT) the vat amount must be:
€40 total price
€6,39 VAT
So the price excluding VAT is €33,61

For now, Prestashop calculates the VAT of the price excluding any VAT, but i need to have the same total prices for the whole EU, but the VAT amount are different.

I saw a few topics in this forum with the same question, but no solution. I can't find an addon either. Could somebody help me with this?

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