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How can I get actual sales report from a product range?


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Hi everyone,


Would really appreciate some advice on this.  I have a range of product ID's that I'm required to pay sales commissions on, and I need to know how to get the actual dollar amount of sales for them in a given month.  The stats from best products shows me the number of sales, and it also multiplies by price, but it does not account for resent orders at no charge, and does not account for discounts.  Is there a way to show exact dollars received pre-tax excluding shipping?  


It gets complicated with discounts, because they aren't product-specific.  If someone orders a product from this range and a product outside this range, then applies a $5 discount, how would one even know how much of that $5 applied to each product?  I would imagine a proportionate percentage, so it it was a $4 product in the range and a $6 product outside the range, then report the $6 product as a $4 revenue.

Any know modules that would accomplish this?

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