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How to display correct quantity for Packs in BO, v1.76


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When I create a pack of products, there are two types of quantities for each pack:

1) Actual quantity of packs

2) Minimum amount that can be sold based on products in the pack


In the catalog view of products in BO, I see type 1.

In the product modification tabs, I see type 2.


This is causing problems, because let's say I have Pack "X", of which I have 10 in stock.  In Pack "X", I have products "Y" and "Z".

There are 5 "Y" in stock, and ZERO "Z".


So I look up Pack "X" in BO.  List shows 10 qty... meaningless because I only decrement products.  As long as it's more than ZERO, no problem.


But when I go in to edit the pack details, it will show ZERO in stock in default and quantities tab because "Z" is ZERO.  If I save some changes, now the Pack "X" stock is ZERO too, and customers can't order it, even when "Z" is in stock again.

Any way to fix this?  

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