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Question about pixel tracking (commerce connector)


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Ok, so i have to print in order_confirmation.tpl in each one of the payment modules a tracking pixel

<img src="https://www.commerce-connector.com/tracking/tracking.gif?
&sale[n]={sale_n}" width="1" height="1" border="0"/>

All smooth, i edit OrderConfirmationController and assign a smarty variable with the result, and then i print the result in the tpl, no problem at all. But my question is:

the commerce connector use a variable in the ULR (for example https://www.example.com/3378-hygiene-kit.html?partner_id=3m ) to check the referal is the "commerce connector" company.

To print the pixel tracking i have to know if the customer came to my product from that company (with the variable partner_id). How can i build the IF condition in the order confirmation tpl? The variable in the URL is lost once the customer make any action.  i have to create a global variable, a cookie..?

Im kind of lost


Thank you


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