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I have created a module in Prestashop 1.7.6 which update products + product attribute stocks by 2 ways :

  • In the back office (the settings of the module) it works perfectly
  • From a cron by the server every night using a declared service called by this kind of command line :
php /var/www/MyPrestashopSite/bin/console mymodule:update updateProducts --no-debug

For many other services that I have created and I use it works perfectly, but for this one, I use the "new" stock management in Prestashop, and when I use the \StockAvailable methods, it always call the Context and trigger an error of StockManagementRepository line 130 :

'Determining the active language requires a contextual employee instance.'

This error prevent my module from updating product + product attributes stock out of Context.

In my code I tried to use the following methods, to get and modify the stock in the cleanest possible way :




Note that I force the $shopId to 1 to avoid getting the Context as much as possible.

Do you know how to update a stock in a clean way (not just modifying the stocks, product attributes and products tables) in Prestashop from a cron (out of the context and without employee connexion), and without calling the Prestashop webservice ?

Thank you.

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Yes, we got the same error.

In front it is OK that Presta requires a contextual employee instance.

But for bulk/custom PHP file where You include core functionality like


and want to update product quantity something like this

$product = new Product(ITEM_ID);
StockAvailable::setQuantity(PRODUCT_ID, (int)$id_product_attribute, (int)QUANTITY, SHOP_ID);

I just simply offer to add error reporting 0 at the beginning of Your custom file


and setting new quantity will work just fine.

Why this way? Cause in bulk/plain/custom file there is no way active language.


It is recommended to setQuantity in cycle where cycle items will be shops ids to set quantity same for all shops.

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