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Display cart total MINUS default shipping cost

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I would like to modify the cart page to show the cart totals without the default shipping cost. I tried using {$cart.subtotals.products.value}, but it doesn't calculate coupons (if any have been used). If I use {$cart.totals.total.value}, it automatically calculates the shipping cost and I don't want that.


Here's what I'd like to have on the page:

Product subtotal: £85

Discount: -£8.50

Shipping (calculated at checkout): --

Order total: £76.5


I tried something along the lines of {$cart.totals.total.value - $cart.subtotals.shipping.value} but it returns a value of '0'.


We don't offer free shipping, so adding another carrier with a £0 cost as the default carrier doesn't help.


Any ideas?


Many thanks. :)

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