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PrestaShop Version -

Theme - Standard

Hosting - Google Cloud Platform

Deployment - PrestaShop Certified by Bitnami

CSS Editor - Custom CSS free module by Vipul Hadiya



I'm new to PrestaShop and Google Cloud Platform. 

I've edited the CSS of my shop ( using "Custom CSS free module by Vipul Hadiya". I've used this free module because I don't know how to edit CSS files directly through Google Cloud Platform. 

I've changed a few colours in my shop but there's a few things I can't seem to change:

1/ I can't change the colour of the product search text (refer first image). 

2/ I can't change the colour of the product search magnifying glass (refer first image). 

3/ I can't change the colour of the product search div/rectangle/container (refer first image). 

4/ I've managed to change the colour of the top header line but I'd actually like it to match the standard grey line (under the product search) that looks like its beveled/shadowed (refer first image).

5/ I can't change the colour of the product search div/rectange/container and the magnifying glass when you click in the div/rectange/container (refer second image).

6/ I can't change the colour of the background either side of the product search (visible on a phone or tablet - refer third image). Note that I change the colour when I inspect the element in Google Chrome but when I put this code into the CSS editor it doesn't change the colour.




Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.







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