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Disable URL Shop Redirect


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Hi, i need to do some tests with prestashop, so i'm using a local based xampp server I can access either from lan or through the internet

The problem is, every time I try to access to my server through external ip, I get redirected to localhost. Since my router does not support nat hairpinning, I can't access my server using external ip WHILE i'm in the same LAN network with the computer hosting the server, so even if I change my shop URL from localhost to "my external ip", I wouldn't be able to access to it from inside my network. While i'm getting a new router with nat hairpinning option, is there a way to disable URLs shop redirects?

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No, We don't think its possible.

PS functionality is totally dependent to the urls defined in the shop_url table. if shop_url is having the entry of localhost then system will redirect the shop to localhost.

As a workaround, You can setup the multistore environment one for localhost & another one using the external IP. If accessing the site from the local network then use localhost URL otherwise IP to access the site. 

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