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[PS1.7] Generate password if empty on customer account page

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As in title, where should I add the code checking if password given was empty, and if yes to generate some random pass? To avoid guest customers, that are harmful (people can't log in again).

In PS 1.6, it was AuthController.php

    protected function processSubmitAccount()
        $this->create_account = true;
        if (Tools::isSubmit('submitAccount')) {
            $this->context->smarty->assign('email_create', 1);
        // New Guest customer
        if (!Tools::getValue('is_new_customer', 1) && !Configuration::get('PS_GUEST_CHECKOUT_ENABLED')) {
            $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('You cannot create a guest account.');
        if (!Tools::getValue('is_new_customer', 1)) {
            $_POST['passwd'] = md5(time()._COOKIE_KEY_);

where is equivalent in prestashop 1.7?


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Could anybody give me an idea where do I should at least begin searching for that line?

If password given during create account empty, then generate it for customer?

I tried javascript approach, but it doesn't work as intended.

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Okay I found it:

  private function create(Customer $customer, $clearTextPassword)
		if (!$clearTextPassword) {
			$clearTextPassword = Tools::passwdGen(8);
        if (!$clearTextPassword) {
            if (!$this->guest_allowed) {
                $this->errors['password'][] = $this->translator->trans(
                    'Password is required',

                return false;

             * Warning: this is only safe provided
             * that guests cannot log in even with the generated
             * password. That's the case at least at the time of writing.
            $clearTextPassword = $this->crypto->hash(

            $customer->is_guest = true;

However since it's private method, I am unable to create override for it.

What's the way it should be done? Changing content of the core class is no good, since after update the changes will be lost.

Any support from the forum would be appreciated...

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