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Javascript in fields of rendered form


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Hello forum

I have a module that uses the below code to render the register form.

          {assign value=$register_form.formFields var="formFields"} 
          {foreach from=$formFields item="field"}
            {form_field field=$field} 

I need to insert a small javascript on some fields that does upper case during typing. Is there any way to edit the fields of the form before it is rendered?



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Hi EvaF

Thanks for your response.

The problem with css is that fields are not saved in capital on the database. 

The same question derives on the address-form.tpl, if someone wants to do uppercase and save fields in capital, what would be the solution?

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aha, I didn't realized it

so do it using javascript with specific fields

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function ($){
      $(".register-form input[name='lastname'], .register-form input[name='firstname']").keyup(function(){
  		$(this).val( $(this).val().toUpperCase() );


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Thanks EvaF! Yes it looks that it works.

This is what I finally used.

    $("input.form-control[name='firstname'], input.form-control[name='lastname']").keyup(function(){


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