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Meta title won't show for homepage - smartblog issue?


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The title and description for homepage was okay till yesterday. Right now it doesn't show anything that is put in the back office (seo&url).  It looks as if it doesn't read the seo code from head.tpl file. However, when I add site name (in the <title></title>) to the code in head.tpl it shows normally, I guess the description would show up also if I put it there. It is an issue only for homepage, cart, contact page etc. Categories, content pages, products are not affected.

Right before that I tried activating the smartblog module (by SmartDataSoft). Seeing what happened (well, i thought it's because of the activation of the module), I deactivated it. But nothing has changed, the seo title/description from SEO&URLs settings is still nowhere to be found in the code. I am kind of clueless about what could have caused that so suddenly.

Site: https://lajt24.pl/

Would appreciate any ideas as to why it is the way it is. Thanks in advance!


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