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Can't connect to Paypal module

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I have several hours trying to connect the Paypal module (v5.1.4) to my Prestashop (v1.7.6) and it has been impossible. I've checked the module configs and Paypal configs, and everything is ok. When I try to connect the account (from the module) I access with my credentials and it just keeps loading for about 1 minute until an error message appears. It just says "An error has ocurred" without any more details about the error itself. 

I've also tried to restart the module unsuccesfully. I even contacted Paypal vía email and they told me that it's aparently a problem with Prestashop. 

I appreciate any idea about what else can I do.

I'm attaching some screenshots about the problem, it is in Spanish, if you need any translation of it or any other info just tell me. 

Opera Instantánea_2020-07-06_024137_anigamerpty.com.png

Opera Instantánea_2020-07-06_023750_www.paypal.com.png

Opera Instantánea_2020-07-06_023822_www.paypal.com.png

Opera Instantánea_2020-07-06_024059_www.paypal.com.png

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You could try to see if any errors pop up in the console, open up dev tools (f12) and click on the console tab.

If you do not see any errors try uninstalling the module, clearing cache, reinstall.

Try using a private window (such as incognito in chrome).

I also noticed uninstalling any module doesnt really do anything, settings are still there. So try to delete it directly after from /modules folder

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The error appears on the PayPal interface.

The most often the error can be fixed by PayPal support team (sometimes you can have some specific characters in your account settings).

Please contact PayPal support team for getting their feedback.

If the issue persist and there is no problem on PayPal side we invite you to contact our support team.


Best regards,

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