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Problems with unicode with cyrillic


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I have problem with the unicode - https://www.compart.com/en/unicode/U+0418 , " И " is symbol of bulgarian script ! I need this letter .... https://prnt.sc/syvm5y

My theme developer said : "2) Contact Prestashop Support. The problem is not related to our theme. You can activate the classic theme to check."

Link to the page with the problem - http://bars-sport.com/6-termo-oblekla

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I also have this problem on version with Bulgarian language. DB table `ps_cms_lang` has fields with collation utf8_general_ci. This results into such encoding into the DB:


while the site displays it correctly as "ІІ. ДАННи ЗА ДОСТАВЧиКА". You can see the I had to replace capital "И" with the lowercase "и" in this string, becase if I use the capital letter, it would result into: "ІІ. ДАНН�? ЗА ДОСТАВЧ�?КА". Could you please collaborate on this issue? Thank you.

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