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PrestaShop 1.6 multi-store order from both shops


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Hello everyone!

I was asked to check one interesting issue in PS_1.6.1.17 store: 

in ps_order_detail table for one order some products have id_shop value = 1 instead of 2.

Some facts that I checked so far:

1) multi-store option is on, shops are separated (i.e. not sharing carts, product quantities or customers);

2) order was created from BO for the shop with id = 2;

3) in the order there's one product that was added twice - with id_shop and other values from shop with id = 1, and second time - from the shop with id = 2;

3) I tried to reproduce the issue, but order I created with same products looks okay in Db;

4) for order that I created, price (in total and for some products) differs from the one where issue appeared. So imo, products were really pulled from shop with id = 1 to shop with id = 2.

I don't have any clue how it could be possible to put product from one shop while creating order from another shop.

Maybe someone have any idea about it? I'll be grateful for any insight.


Thanks in advance!

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