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Show Vat number field only if company field is filled for PS 1.7.5


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Hi Guys, 

I know that not what you're asking, but here is a module we used for several clients and did the trick :

https://addons.prestashop.com/en/accounting-invoicing/24986-facturare-persoana-fizica-sau-juridica.html#overview (the module is for the Romanian market but has an Eng doc) 

The module will split on the checkout the option for any client to place an order as a standard non B2B client or a B2B client. 

The request that you had can be solved as well, unfortunately as it's a checkout process the Js which will check if the fields contains data, and will make the other field appear, would take more time that the above module price ;) 

I hope it help, 



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