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Add ’Categories’ block to regular CMS Page


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I have a CMS page on my PrestaShop website.
I'd like this page to include the HTML that is generated in the 'Categories' block.

So it would be the exact same code, but I would style it differently.

In my /themes/prestashop/cms.tpl (LINE 43), I tried:

       {if $cms->id == 6}

{l s='Categories' mod='blockcategories'}

           {foreach from=$blockCategTree.children item=child name=blockCategTree}
               {if $smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.last}
                   {include file="$branche_tpl_path" node=$child last='true'}
                   {include file="$branche_tpl_path" node=$child}


But this doesn't show my categories, only gives me the heading 'CATEGORIES'.

How do I do this?

Many thanks

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The problem is that you call category block inside cms.tpl. But that tpl has no reference to categories.
Hope I'm not wrong but you should add some code to cms controler to have the categories to call inside tpl.

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