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White screen in the admin panel

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After transferring to a new hosting, at the entrance to the admin panel I caught a white screen. Then I turned on debugging mode, googled the problem and successfully managed by clearing the cache.
But still the white screen remained in some places. For example, if I go to the Information or Products section in the admin area. If I turn on debugging mode, then I get to these sections without problems. When the mode is off, the screen is again white. Tell us where to dig and how to identify the error.



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Kindly check the folder and files permissions

for folder need to set 755 and file 644

and also rename/delete the var/cache folder

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Check PHP  Memory limit its one of many causes of white screen

By far the most common reason for the “White screen of death” is Prestashop hitting the PHP memory limit.

Depending on your default server configuration, the memory allowed for PHP process might be limited to 32 MB, 64 MB or 128 MB.

Prestashop requires at least 128 MB to function, and some addons can take more memory than that. A good setting would be “256 MB”, or “512 MB” if you have a VPS.

There are many ways to increase PHP memory size.

The safest way is to edit the php.ini file in our website account. [ Note: Your host needs to enable this feature. ]

Edit the php.ini file, and change the “memory_limit” setting to “512 M”.

If php.ini is not present in your account, you can do this using .htaccess. Add this line to your .htaccess file.

php_value memory_limit 512M

If you have cpanel :


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