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How to show contact form contact in the same order as in parameters>contact in b/o


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I have a problem with spam received/sent through contact form.

I remember in the olders version (1.4 if I remember correctly) that a simple solution was to create a blanc contact in the paramaters>contact list and have this shown in the drop down list as #1.

Now I have PS 1.7 and the contact form is sorted in a random way and nothing like the contact in the parameters.

How (and where)  do I change the contact form code so that it copies the exact rang order of the set parameters?



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I have 2 shops: one is on PS and when I look at the contact form it shows -- choose --  as a default subject (email to). This webshop does not have any problem with spam use of the contact form.


The other shop is on PS and with this contact form it has no the -- choose -- as a default anymore. This webshop has daily 20-30 spam emails using the contact form because the default "subject" setting is one of the addresses set (customer service) in the back office shop in settings>contact.



How do I get this --choose-- setting used in PS 1.6 to the shop 1.7.  Now I have deleted all email address and added a default text in de message body saying people can only send a message using our email address and not the contact form just to stop the spam emails.

Why was this functional layout in 1.6 taken out of 1.7 ?   It was an easy way to prevent spam.






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