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using prestashop cookie


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I think when you first enter to a prestashop shop web, prestashop creates a cookie. My web has a initial popupmessage (with enter or exit button) and I need a way to know if a customer has enter in the web, this popupmessage must not show again.

In that case I tried the code $cookie->isLogged() in header.tpl and it works. But if someone is not logged, I need to know if that person click that popupmessage before, an option is that if the prestashop cookie exists, the person click the popmessage before.

I tried to use a variable called "cookie->variable" in header.tpl like this: {$cookie->variable = 'valor'} , but this sentence doesnt set a valor to the variable.

Maybe you know same examples about this issue and help me to know how it works. Maybe another ways to achieve this.


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