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Please tell me what I have done wrong?


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I know it looks ugly, we are going to buy a template, and I am simply the web designer and I made the site look like what my boss wanted..

So, aside from ascetic,

What am I doing wrong?

I have listed the site in multiple seo's

I have checked all the boxes and made a site map and submitted it. 

I know site design but am new to seo, so, what else do I need to do so our site becomes visible.. 

We are trying to see medicinal products in Canada and have had a lawyer get us all the right, everything to make us legal, so I am just wondering besides the keywords section and  site map, what else do I need to do so our site shows up when people in Canada a re e searching for our products, i am guessing i  need to add keywords to every product and am just about to do that.. but is there anything else?

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