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Custom product pricing with PayPal not working properly


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Hello everyone.

I have some products that are customizable in my shop, depending on the customization, the price changes. I modified the Cart.php class (I know, terrible idea, but it works alright-ish) in order to do so, specifically the getOrderTotal function. Now, when I make the payment via bank transfer, the total shows up just fine. The cart and the back-office order details also work fine. But when I try to pay with PayPal, only the base price of the product is taken into account + shipping, the customization fees are missing.

I tried modifying several PayPal classes one at a time to no avail. I always got an error:


Error: The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts.

I'd like to know what I can modify in order to not have these discrepancies and be able to order via PayPal.


I am running PrestaShop version, and the official PayPal module, thanks in advance.

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same problem here. I just wrote a ticket for help.

I have all my products with price zero, then i change price in ps_customized_data and everything is fine with bank transfer. If I use paypal module is a nightmare.

If they will send me help I'll write here their reply.


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This is paypal mdule developer's reply:
"It is true that some customized modifications can impact the work of the module. The error that you have, tells that your item is not in stock or cart is empty, if all those options are good, I advise you to change your currency settings to Customer's currency, clear cache and check the issue."

Not works for me.

I found the solution here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/19876

This works for me!

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