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Prestashop: same price regardless of taxes

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Hi Prestashoppers,

I am looking for a solution for Prestashop that is common in other e-commerce platforms, such as Woocommerce (see here)



In my online shop, customers from the EU have to pay their country’s VAT rate. Customers from the USA, for example, do not have to pay any VAT. If I set the price to 15 Euros and specify that the prices include taxes, the default behavior is the following:

Customers from a country for which a tax rate is specified pay 15 Euros including their country’s tax rate. Customers from countries without a specified tax rate pay less than 15 Euros. I am not sure, but I think in this case the price is reduced by the tax rate from the shop’s base location. The desired effect is that these customers pay 15 Euros too, but without any included taxes.


I will be grateful for any suggestions you may share.

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Thank you for your reply!

However, setting  "No Tax" for specific countriesat the tax rules is not taking the wanted effect, which is the same price regardless of taxes.

Steps to reproduce what you presented:

  1.    create Tax "TEST 25%" with tax 25%
  2. create Tax Rule "TEST Rate 25%"
    1.  assign country "Afghanistan" to Tax Rule "TEST Rate 25%" with
      - Behavior: "this tax only"
      - Tax "TEST 25%"
    2. assign country "Albania" to Tax Rule "TEST Rate 25%" with
       - Behavior: "this tax only"
       - Behavior: "no Tax"
  3. create a product with
     - price of 100€ (final price/tax incl)
     - tax rule "TEST Rate 25%"

Output: the final prices in product pages are different if a customer is from "Albania" or from "Afghanistan"
        - Afghanistan: 100€
        - Albania:    80€
Desired Output: the product is always 100€, but we don't have charges in "Albania"

Am I missing something here?

Can you please find where I'm failing?

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Yes, that's it -  show 100 euro (with tax 25%) to Afganistan and 100 euro (without tax 25%) to Albania.

I'm trying to find a solution to do this such as this simple one for Woocommerce (here). I believe Prestashop must support this need, but I don't know how.

Do you have any hint?

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Hello El Capitan,

how do you manage 10 different specific prices for all products? manually or have you found/implemented a module for this configuration?

If you have 50 articles or more in your shop, its not easy to maintain so much different specific prices.


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On 6/1/2020 at 2:18 PM, Jorge Rafael said:

There is no need to apologize! It looks like fabulous news!

Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Jorge,

did you manage to solve this? Can you please tell me how?



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Hello, we have developed a module, which is able to change the net price and tax depending on the users country to fit the new european laws and still have a nice gross price. No need to work with vouchers, cart rules or any other price-feature from PrestaShop. Just configure the tax rules and tax rates, and our module does the calculation.

You can test the price calculation from our module here: https://www.bobber-store.com

If anyone need help with the OSS configuration at PrestaShop or is interessted in our module. Please contact us:

More Information at the end of this topic:



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