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Can´t add product groups

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I have a problem to add product categories. I can only add subcategories under the root/home category. Other addings do not have the place where to choose the upper / parent category.

I have multistore; into the default store I have migrated the products & categories from old shop, 1.4.xx. The categories are visible in BO but products can´t be connected to them.
Into the 2nd shop I have created the categories and products as new items. And can add only subcategories under the root category.

Have removed all demo categories when migrated the old shop.

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After several tries I managed to add the categories to multishop 2 after creating the same amount of category-levels into mainshop...

Now I have an issue of FOs and pricing. The main shop is visible but the shop 2 not visibile - only totally white page. Shop 2 is ok in BO, everything is activated.
The prices are only without tax, altough the tax rules are active and shown in product parameteres. But in the same time there is no currency connected (localisation) to shop 2.
Can´t add it, EUR. due to be already in use, a bit confusing...



In the other project I have all products doubled lines, how to remove (

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