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[v1.7.6.4] Nerw install has almost all modules as "Other"

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I had to re-install Prestashop but this time almost all modules are listed as "Other". The only other section in the Modules Manager with anything listed is "Theme Modules", all others are empty.

It looks like the modules are there but not in the correct section. I am concerned that this may cause an issue if I continue especially as this will be a multistore site.

I have deleted/re-installed three times with the same issue.

I have another, clean, install that does not have this issue and this is a re-install where the first install did  not have this problem.

The same install files were used in all cases and downloaded from Prestashop.

Any guidance appreciated.



(screen shots attached)



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Hey JBW,

Thanks for that. Yeah looks exactly the issue I had.

It's odd because it's just the one domain it happens on.

I've actually abandoned that now and have set it all up on another domain and things appear to be working as normal.

Many thanks again for the reply. At least I know I now actually going mad.



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