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Geolocation module: Problem with wrong Carriers listed for international visitors

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By default Prestashop does not seem to show the correct carriers (shipping costs) and VAT for non-logged in visitors. The built-in Geolocation IP database is supposedly not so accurate either, and functions quite limited.

So after confirming with the developer, if carriers / VAT etc would also be localized correct for non-logged in visitors I bought the "Auto Change Language And Currency - Geolocation Module" from Idnovate: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/international-localization/7363-auto-change-language-and-currency-geolocation.html

However after countless hours, it still do not show the correct carriers for non-logged in visitors (only works correctly when visiting from the Store Default Country (as set in Localization menu). Though the developer also reproduces the issue, he takes no responsibility (despite confirming it would solve the carrier problem before buying). So this makes the module pretty useless for international visitors, and no solution or refund offered, nice! 

So do other have experience with this issue and with Geolocation modules which actually works as intended?

PROBLEM (tested both in PS and PS
The carriers shown/used prior to login is based on the Carriers with values for the Shop Default Country (as defined in Localization menu). Not based on the actual carriers for the IP detected country. The carrier shipping prices are the correct localized value though - but the carrier list itself are wrong (until login / creating account for the same country as IP detected)

So if a carrier from the BO Default Shop Country does not have a shipping value for a certain country, it then appears as FREE SHIPPING instead of being hidden (like when logged in).

If changing the BO Shop Default Country (under Localization) to the same country as the visitor, everything will actually work perfectly. But according to developer one cannot override this to IP detected country of the visitor, so apparently not a solution. Obviously there is some Prestashop bug involved, as the carrier list should of course not be based on the Shop default country for non-logged in visitors if country is already GeoIP detected. But since the same problem occur in both PS1.6 and PS1.7,  I wonder if other Geolocation modules deals with this differently to overcome it, as I could not find much history about the issue.

Test Example:
BO Default Shop Country: Denmark (in Localization menu) / Default Carrier sorting: Best Price (in Carrier Settings menu)
Carrier-A - €5 to Denmark (the Default Shop Country). No shipping to other zones.
Carrier-B - €10 to All Zones except Denmark.
- When visiting from Denmark (IP detected by module), cart will correctly show the Carrier-A €5 in cart when not logged in.
- When visiting from other country IP (IP detected by module), cart will then incorrectly use Carrier-A too, but show FREE SHIPPING since no value defined for the IP detected country. 
(Carrier-A should have been hidden and Carrier-B should be used/visible first since only this have a shipping value for the IP detected country. When creating account/ login with same country, the carrier list becomes correct again). 
If changing 'BO Default Shop Country' in Localization menu to same country as the IP detected visitor country, the carrier list will be correct - and same whether logged in or not. 

(Used Windscripe VPN Chrome plugin to test from other countries)

See screenshot from PS1.6 (easier to see the issue in PS16, since the carrier list is visible during checkout prior to creating account. Unfortunately the shipping menu appears collapsed in PS1.7,)



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1) don't use native geo locatizon, it is not very accurate and  if IP does not resolve then visitor cannot shop.  see our mdoule https://addons.prestashop.com/en/international-localization/27368-geo-targeting-pro-by-country-prices-taxes-currency-.html which supports handling of non resolved IP's and allows you to use commercial and very accurate IP data.  

2) native PS localizes on 'everythiing' but shipping so well as gurs we wrote two





We are the only company to provide visitor shipping assurance, non harmful geo localization......we just suck at marketing apparently 




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