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Faceted search price slider comma issue

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We are usin PS 1.7.6 version updated from 1.7.5,

After update we start using FS module with price slider. And found strange issue. First we had 5 decimal places after price, so we changed decimal places from 6 to 2 in php. but we still have comma issue in FO price slider. When we arem using other languages than ENG then all prices displayed on slider are dispalyed without comma. In ENG all seems OK. The filter result is OK as it should be in all languages. This is the other lang display220721078_Kuvatmmis(2).png.3a39b0719e0da1908a6962cbb152d6e4.png

This is ENG lang display 1632972216_Kuvatmmis(4).png.0b1fee30be4c6c35c232967fc9007e38.png . We are using 6 languages, so we need to have it working correctly. Can anyone suggest, what can be wrong. Any help appreciated. 

Our shop parameters.965821908_Kuvatmmis(6).thumb.png.5e64e725b78252861921bf6202bd388a.png

Thank you in advance.

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