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Related products for each product in the homepage


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I'm looking for the response since 48h ...
I need to override a prestashop module.
This module returns a selection of products on the HomePage (very classic), but I need more.
For each product on the Home Page, I need to show a specific feature of his Related Products (ps_accessory).

You know, on a Product Page, You can show the related products and his features, price, etc.
I need the same, but for each product on my home page (3 related products max)

I think it's just 3 or 4 lines to add on the PHP page of the module...but I don't find the solution...

Someone to help me to find the way ?

thank you very much!



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You  can  get  them  from  the  module  template  by  using  this  function   inside  the  foreach  loop  where  you  have  id_product  and  id_lang:

{assign  var=product_accessories   value=Product::getAccessoriesLight($product.id_lang, $product.id_product)}

<!---  then test  it  with  a  : -->



PS  :   this  function  will  get product accessories  but  only names 


This  one  will get  full  product  data  but  not easy  to use  inside the template:

$product=new Product($id_product);


$accessories =$product->getAccessories($id_lang,true);


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