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Problem with Attributes and combinations

Juan Arrastua

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Hello Community!

This is my first message in the forum, I have been with this problem for 3 days. And I need help.

The situations are as follows ... I have an ice cream shop, which has about 250 products. Which is not a problem.

I have the problem with 3 specific products.
It is Ice Cream per KILO, per 1/2 kilo and per 1/4 kilo.
The KILO product has 4 attributes (flavor 1, flavor 2, flavor 3 and flavor 4) since this product can contain 4 different flavors.

The 1/2 kilo and the 1/4 kilo can have 3 flavors.

And here comes the problem, the ice cream parlor has 59 flavors.

That equates to 12,117,361 possible combinations in KILO and 205,379 combinations in 1/2 kilo and 1/4 kilo.

Either query would take DAYS. Besides it is a POST query of the backend, which most likely crashes to upload those combinations ...
The other possibility that occurs to me is to do the direct load by plain text via SSH (but it is not more likely that the process will die when I have to load the product file)

Can someone help me with this? Or maybe there is another way of posing it.

From already thank you very much!

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