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How to override properly an admin template - Presta 1.7

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Hi guys,

I am quite new in Prestashop ( I am using Presta 1.7.6), I used to work on Magento 2 website.

I need to override a template admin. I saw some responses on internet which says that I can achieve that by put my new template in this folder : override/controllers/admin/templates

However, I wonder what would be the best practice to work with Git. 

I have a project where I just created my own module which is versioned under Git . Let's say that my module is an addon for prestashop, and my module overrides a template admin, what would be the best practice ? 

I tried to make a copy() of my custom admin templates from my module to the folder override/controllers/admin/templates within the install() method but no luck.

Someone could help ? I checked the official documentation but I did not find what I need.


If there is no way except putting directly my custom admin template in override/controllers/admin/templates ,

Do you know if it's possible to define a custom admin Theme ? which would be somehow a Child theme of the Admin theme 


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