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Add sfHover to category in blocktopmenu Prestashop


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I want to add sfHover to my category (not page) menuitem but I don't know how.

It seem that PS doesn't want add class to categories just pages.

Here is the previous programmer code working with pages:

<div id="menuItems" class="col-sm-8">


{assign var=tmpMenu value=$MENU|replace:'<li></li>':''}

{assign var=items value='</li>'|explode:$tmpMenu}

       {foreach $items as $item}

             {if !$item@last}






I added a category to this but I doesn't get the sfHover class which makes the menuitem active.

Sadly I can't manually add the menuitem because the sort of the menuitems don't let me.


Could you help me, please?

Thank you!

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